Fuck you Sunday

You are not alone

Who are you?

Hi! I am Lucas, and for the longest I can recall, I have had always been passionate about businesses and entrepreneurship.


Despite countless hours searching, reading, and lurking (Hey Indie Hackers !) about how to launch my very own unicorn, I've actually never quite delivered on my aspirations. I became quite good at making excuses for myself though (testing the shiny new framework)

Out of despair on a sunday night, I bought this domain, in order to free myself from what had been on my chest for years. We won't talk about design at that stage, as it was simply ugly. But I wanted, or rather, I needed to finish that project, that particular night. Not tomorrow, tonight.

I published it, relieved and got to sleep. And the unexpected happened, it quickly got featured on the front page of HN. I got up at 4 in the morning when a kind stranger reached out to meoY on Twitter to let me know of the good news. I was ecstatic to say the least, skimming through the comments that kept getting added.

It felt both irreal and undeserved, as competition is quite heavy to get featured and my contribution was just a dozens line complaint. Original article here

Like most my other projects, I mostly left it untouched since that day. It became some kind of holy relic. At the same time, the sunday evening dreadful feeling still remained, only intensifying every single week.

I have changed job, invested myself into my family. But it did not cut this angst.

But from what pain are we talking about actually? Based on personal experience and HN comments, I have identified the following ones:

If those look like problems to you too, that feel relatable, then please stick with me a little longer (lucky you otherwise :))

I am building a community of current and aspiring makers. It is a free service, that connects you through weekly 1-1 visio meetings. You may create new relationships and grow your network, get coached while coaching in return and get inspired by people sharing that same dread but coming from others horizons you may not be exposed to in normal times.based on identified needs: Three purposes have been identied at the time being

Why 1-1?

To try to avoid that peer pressure, scrolling endlessly through stories of people who actually delivered it better than you. And because it seems easier and more authentic to build up a relationship at the indivdual level rather than a crowd.

How would this work?

Simply fill your email (no spam,no resell of your email to some shady ads companies), pick you interests what you are after, timezone and preferred hours. Then, every evening, I'll match you with another companion based on your respective answers and time preferences, and plan a call between the two of you. You would then be free to both get to know each other, connect, motivate yourself through honest feedbacks from someone just like you. You are free to decide in advance on the duration of the call and a survey system will allow to monitor exchanges quality to moderate potential abuses.

What would be the benefits for you?

I saw three: depending on your expectations for the call,

And best of all, for free. Zero. No ads, no credit cards, no payments. If the idea pleases you, I would be more than grateful to get a donation but you are not forced into anything.

My goal, is to create a new community where people can genuinely connect without the dread of the infinitie scroll feeds or misleading success stories. Via 1-1 weekly exchanges. A place where people feel safe to reach out when in need for that dose of motivation, feedback or to help unlock new careers possibilities. A place to kill that fucking sunday blues.

I may be wrong thinking people will be able to connect, but I believe this is a risk worth taking as this community, the way I envision it now, could truly have a positive impact on many lives. Hopefully yours :)

If you feel doubtful, I believe it is normal. If you got some other suggestions to refine the idea, I am open to it. It is aimed to be a collaborative environment, main KPI being the number of dreadful sunday evenings transformed.

And if you feel up for testing the service, you can simply fill the form below. Depending on the number of answers, I would come back to you within the next business day. And if no one fits, I would be happy to be the ones discuss with you :)