Fuck you sunday

Being important vs feeling important

Somewhere near Paris, 8:57 PM UTC, 07/10/2021

Words are missing sometimes, especially in a foreign language. Jumping in the empty subway train this morning, I have, yet another time, experienced getting hit with a simple question. Is feeling important radically different than being important? As, actually "being important" seems to first be a social notion. You would not be considered important to yourself alone. Others fuel that importance to yourself and themselves, through their recognition, obediance, ... While feeling important seems like a life objective nowadays, some guru's gimmick, a manager's trick.

Subway stops, the ghost dance starts again. Well, eventually, they are both reflection of the same mirror to me.

Somewhere near Paris, 8:53 PM UTC, 11/10/2020

Feeling anxious, darkness creeps into your living room as hours get by and inevitably bring you closer to that fateful moment where you'll have to wake up to the scream of you phone clock alarm. Another day dreaming of everything you could have built, "just start" as they say. Lost in the duties of the week-end, you watched your free time gets wasted scrolling twitter, your feed filled up with gurus advices and successful indies advocating about their productivity while you feel guilty for not having taken that time to work on this idea you had the other time.

Guess what ?

I feel the absolute fucking same !

Tonight, I am just launching this simple page ~ no framework, not even server-side language, just plain fucking HTML (and the minimal portion of CSS I could think of). At this stage, I don't even know what this is. And I don't really care to be honest. I just know that tonight, I purposefully created something without purpose, without business model, without losing my mind looking for the perfect language + framework combo I should use. Just to get that feeling of having taken a step, back this time, to just appreciate that not all ideas are marketable, and don't need to, but that shoudl not stop you from building it ~ for fun.

Esc :w Alt+Tab reading this out loud

That sounds shitty.

And, that feels good.

UPDATE: I wanted to thank you all for the awesome discussions you brought to HN. I won't list them here, as I think this would be a valuable experience for anyone to just dig in the different threads that arose (you would find the link below). This has been an incredible feeling, and I also wanted to thank you for that. I guess that with around 70000 hits to that page in one day, we can safely draw two conclusions here:

original HN thread

Take care people

Lucas Kostka